About Me

Adam Skandarani, CCUI
(Aah-dum    Scan-duh-ruh-nee)

Hello! My name is Adam, and I am looking forward to working with you in one capacity or another. I am Arab American, my pronouns are they/them, and I am a behavior and training nerd. I enjoy getting to the root of behaviors and solving problems at the source.

I have been working with dogs professionally since 2015, both as a pet care professional and as a trainer. I am dedicated to helping pets and performance dogs live their best lives by providing a well-rounded training approach, with an emphasis on communication and trust. I believe that in order for a dog to thrive, all their needs must be met – physical, mental, and emotional.

Living with and loving two Boxers who have different needs, has expanded my knowledge base and motivation to keep learning and sharing. My love of team sports (specifically soccer and softball) has evolved into a love for dog sports.

My dog training journey began in the summer of 2013 when I was living in Tennessee and found myself in need of a new activity to fill my days with. I was turned on to the sports of dog agility and flyball. My first dog, a Boxer named Sansa, was about 15 months old and I convinced that she would not do the thing. But she surprised me – not only did she do the things, but she enjoyed doing the things immensely! You know what? I did too.

In 2014, Sansa and I moved home to Massachusetts, continued training in agility (turns out flyball wasn’t for us), and added some new sports – and a puppy – to our resume.

I believe that, as a professional trainer, I have an obligation to continuously expand my knowledge through education as well as practice, I have completed my Control Unleashed Instructor certification, and am working towards becoming a Certified Professional Dog Trainer though the CCPDT.


Agility Seminars Attended

  • ​Agility Handling Seminar with Amanda Shyne, October 2016

  • Puppy Foundations with Amanda Shyne, February 2017

  • Puppy Foundations with Minna Martimo, April 2017

  • Jumping Skills with Amanda Shyne, October 2017

  • Common Techniques & Finding Lines with Heather Witt-Sullivan, January 2018

  • Crosses Seminar with Amanda Shyne, February 2018

  • All About Criteria with Diane Patterson, December 2018

  • Running A-Frame with Holly Burchsted, February 2019

  • Distracted Dog Agility with Emma Parsons, September 2020

Scent Work Workshops Attended
  • From the Outside In: A behavioral view of your nosework dog with Sue Sternberg, October 2017

  • Buried Hides with Holly Roche CNWI, January 2019

  • Everything you need to do after you find a hide with Michael & Natalie McManus CNWIs, December 2019

  • How to read a dog: focusing on reading your dog, the odor picture, and the search area with Michael & Natalie McManus CNWIs, December 2019

  • Converging Odor Clinic with Michelle Ellertson CNWI, September 2021


Behavior & Training Seminars Attended

  • ​Advanced Training Topics with Ken Ramirez, July 2016

  • Worked Up! with Sarah Stremming, April 2018

  • Dog-Human Environment: Sociability & Aggression with Sue Sternberg, June 2018

  • Fenzi TEAM Foundations workshop with various FDSA instructors, September 2018

  • The Play Way with Amy Cook, October 2018

  • Toy Play & Marker Cues with Shade Whitesel, November 2018

  • Have a Problem? Throw a Cookie at it! Problem solving workshop with Sarah Stremming, May 2019

  • FDSA training camp with Fenzi instructors, May 2019

  • Fenzi TEAM foundations with various FDSA instructors, September 2019

  • Spaces in Between, Sexy Life Skills for Performance Dogs with Shade Whitesel, October 2019

  • The Lemonade Conference (virtual) by FDSA & IAABC, with various speakers, May 2020

  • Aggression in Dogs Conference (virtual) by Michael Shikashio & The Loose Leash Academy, with various speakers, October 2020

  • Control Unleashed Conference (virtual) by Clean Run & Leslie McDevitt, with various speakers, October 2020

  • Perfect your Heeling with Carolyn Goudreau, November 2020

  • The Lemonade Conference (virtual) by FDSA & IAABC, with various speakers, May 2021

  • Aggression in Dogs Conference (virtual) by Michael Shikashio with various speakers, October 2021

  • Clicker Expo Live (virtual) by Karen Pryor Academy with various speakers, January 2022

  • The Lemonade Conference (virtual) by FDSA & IAABC, with various speakers, February 2022

  • Training Across Species, in person workshop by Karen Pryor Academy with Ken Ramirez, August 2022

  • Aggression in Dogs Conference (in person), by Michael Shikashio, with various speakers, September 2022