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I Have a Treasure!

Dogs who obsess over toys, steal balls, growl and snap over their things, they can be really hard to live with.Join us for an evening of discussing the reasons why our dogs behave these ways, and what we can do about it!Why toy obsession and guarding together? Because they’re really similar, two ends of the spectrum of a similar motivation! Trainers Adam Skandarani and Liza Rader work extensively with Big Feelings About Stuff, Adam with resource guarding and motivational training using toys, and Liza with retrievers, versatile hunting breeds and other high drive dogs who care immensely about their things. Bringing together their own unique experiences with shared values of excellence in training and prioritizing wellness for every dog, Liza and Adam will introduce you to innovative ways to think about and resolve these problems. These webinars are available together if you sign up for the live (there will be a Q&A and recording), and available separately afterwards! Sign up now to get in on the live Q&A and save!

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