My Services


Basic Puppy Training   $110/session

This service is for those who need help getting their puppy off on the right foot! From potty training to greeting manners and everything in between!


Foundations for Performance Puppies

So you brought home your next performance prospect and want to do ALL THE THINGS. But where to start?I can help with that! Get your performance puppy started right by mastering all the sexy life skills they will need to succeed in training and competition environments.


Manners & Basic Training   $120/session

This service is for adolescent and adult dogs who either new to your household or have been with you the whole time but could use some structure and training to help them be the best companion they can be. There are two options for this service: in-home training or say training.


Problem Solving & Coached Training 


Are you dealing with problem behaviors that you just can't get a handle on? Intra-household aggression? Resource guarding? Leash reactivity? A breakdown in communication and the resulting frustration? This service is for you. It is more involved than our basic training, and includes more coaching (I teach you) and problem solving.



Control Unleashed, 6 session package*

This service comes in a package deal only.This is for nervous or anxious dogs who lack the confidence in certain situations to make good choices for themselves. Sessions are coached sessions where we will build a communication system for you and your dog then teach your dog how to use the system to get what they want/need.
The system used comes from the Control Unleashed program, created by Leslie McDevitt, and is ideal for anxious and reactive dogs.


Leash Manners, 4 session package*

This is a 4 session package to help you teach your dog better leash manners. These are coached sessions, meaning I teach you and coach you through the steps on how to achieve a loose leash on walks!


Outstanding Recalls, 6 session package*

There are plenty of legal, off-leash parks in Massachusetts for us to take our pups for a romp. Off leash exercise is fantastic for all dogs but they require etiquette. One of the biggest rules of etiquette is to come when called - immediately. This package will help you achieve that goal so your dog can earn off leash privileges and you can have peace of mind.


Cooperative Care & Counter Conditioning

Does your dog fuss while being groomed (especially nail trims) or during procedures at the vet? Cooperative care is just the thing for you:
teach your dog that they are in control of their care and maintenance by knowing what to expect and choosing to participate anyway.


Day Training

The day training option is available for most training services. I will come to your home and take your dog(s) to train myself.

I train at your home (front or back yard) but we often go on field trips to neutral locations.
After a couple of sessions (we decide this together) we will do a transfer session where I show/teach you what I worked on with your dogs so you can progress on your own!


Pet Matching Services
Customized pricing

Are you ready to welcome a pet into your home but you're unsure of what the next step is? Not sure exactly what you're looking for but have a vague idea of temperament and personality? Should you go through a breeder or a rescue?

This service is for you! I get to know you, your lifestyle and experience, and any likes or dislikes, and help you bring home the right fit! The price of this service is tailored to each client and will be put towards any future training you wish to do with your new pet!

If you're unsure of which service to book - please send an email to