Private Instruction


Initial Consult & stand alone lesson fees

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Foundations for Performance Dogs (and puppies)

So you brought home your next performance prospect and want to do ALL THE THINGS. But where to start?I can help with that! Get your performance puppy started right by mastering all the sexy life skills they will need to succeed in training and competition environments.

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Aggression  Consultations & single sessions


Are you dealing with problem behaviors that you just can't get a handle on?
Intra-household aggression? Resource guarding? Leash reactivity?
A breakdown in communication and the resulting frustration? Or do you need help with being more cooperative for husbandry behaviors (grooming, basic care, and vet care)?
This service is for you. It is more involved than our basic training, and includes more coaching (I teach you) and problem solving.



Customize your experience
Custom Price

A custom package tailored to your needs.

Since I primarily work with clients long term, training packages are the best way for you to get the most value out of your training experience.

Are you dealing with reactivity or aggression issues?
Do you need help to reclaim your recalls but don't need multiple sessions?

Do you also need help with cooperative grooming or husbandry skills? Possibly some leash manners too?

Don't worry! We can customize a package just for you. Since packages are customized, all prices will be too.

Control Unleashed

Chaos to Confidence, 6 session package*

This service comes in a package deal only.This is for nervous or anxious dogs who lack the confidence in certain situations to make good choices for themselves. Sessions are coached sessions where we will build a communication system for you and your dog then teach your dog how to use the system to get what they want/need.
The system used is based on the Control Unleashed program, created by Leslie McDevitt, and is ideal for anxious and reactive dogs.

If you're unsure of which service to book - please send an email to